Introducing Module 1: Underlying theories for successful learning

Let's get started!

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." - Ashe

Welcome to the first Module, where we look at what sits behind a successful learning experience.

In other words:

  • How do we (our brains) learn?
  • How does our self-belief (self efficacy) impact on our ability to learn?
  • What does Motivation have to do with it (and how can we stay motivated)?
  • What is "Active Learning" and how is it different?
  • What is "Meta-cognition" (meta-what?) - and what are the steps involved in a successful learning experience?

... and finally, pulling all this together into the Self-Regulated Learning framework.

To be successful here, and in your studies in general, it's best to complete all the activities (I’ll explain why shortly) and complete the reflection exercises in a serious frame of mind. Whilst it is easier to learn when we are enjoying ourselves, treating learning activities and opportunities as a joke is not quite the same thing...

I recommend getting a journal/ workbook or perhaps open a Word document on your computer – where ever you would like to record your thoughts, ideas and reflections as we work through the program. There are also lots of activities to help you practice and start training your self and your brain.

Time to get started on your first topic!