CLARITY – Know what you want and don’t want.

Today is all about creating a greater sense of Clarity - Know what you want and don't want.


You might like to think of what you want as your Toward state, and what you don’t want as your Away state.


What we want to do is be really clear on each of these.


It will give us clarity in terms of how we will frame our goals and also how we might reward ourselves by achieving them (or along the way).


Consider and write down your thoughts for each of these:

1. What is it you DO want

      - for your self?

      - for your business?

      - for your family?

      - for your career?

      - for your customers?

      - for your team?

2. Why? How will this be of benefit to them and you?

3. What do you NOT want?


4. Why? How does this hold you back?

5. What would be the positive version (reverse) of this?

6. What else comes to mind when it comes to having greater clarity?

We often think we know. But the big test comes when we try to write it down.

  • What words are we using?
  •  When we read it out loud - do we feel it?
  •  Is there something holding us back (or something we are holding back on)?
  • Is it what we REALLY want or is it what we THINK WE SHOULD want?

…and what if I can’t come up with anything?


Just sit with it for a while. It’s okay. Allow yourself to write down whatever comes to mind, however relevant or irrelevant. Come back to it later, or just write down anything that you are thinking (however random) to start letting the thoughts come. Draw pictures if you like.





Reflection is not only a practice,

it requires practice!


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